Graduate Student Assembly
Design & Development Division Representative

Pauline Muljana
Old Dominion University

I am Pauline Muljana and I held instructional design responsibilities at California State Polytechnic University Pomona (also known as Cal Poly Pomona) for 12 years. My tasks included the design and development of courses, peer-evaluation of courses using Quality Matters Rubrics, and facilitation of faculty workshops on instructional strategies and effective technology integration. Through collaboration with SMEs and multimedia developers, I also designed multimedia learning objects to demonstrate complex concepts. Many of these learning objects were designed with the overall goal of supporting student success especially in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math domain.

As my career grew over time, I developed a desire to learn more about the research related to instructional design and technology (IDT). I decided to place my focus solely on increasing my knowledge by joining the IDT doctoral program at Old Dominion University at a full-time capacity. My research interests revolve around the investigations of how learning analytics can inform instructional design to foster self-regulated learning. My goal is to identify the intersection of where the three areas meet and work together toward academic success.

My journey has led me to my ultimate calling serving others in the field of IDT. For instance, I work with two other instructional designers to build a community of instructional designers and provide free professional development for colleagues around the world.

I am highly interested in serving as the Design and Development (D&D) Division Representative. My knowledge, experience, and passion fuel my enthusiasm and reaffirm my ability to perform in this role. Please support my efforts as I strive to contribute my best to both GSA and D&D!

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