Graduate Student Assembly
Teacher Education Division Representative

Mohammad Shams Ud Duha
Purdue University

I am currently a doctoral student in the Learning Design and Technology program at Purdue University. My reasons for running for the position of Teacher Education Division Representative are twofold. Firstly, I was involved with quite a few organizations in leadership capacities both in Bangladesh and USA. The experience helped me to develop a solid grasp of leadership skills, and eventually worked as one of the distinguishing factors in winning a Fulbright scholarship in 2015. I also visited Russia, Qatar and Malaysia under different scholarships to actively take part in various leadership programs. Therefore, I think the AECT will serve as a great platform to implement my current skills and learn new ones. Secondly, after returning from the USA in 2016, I initiated an independent online learning unit in my university and conducted the first-ever online course of my university on teacher development for the faculty members of a foreign university in Kazakhstan. I also conducted sessions on different topics related to teacher development on behalf of our professional development center. I am presently working on a project with my Advisor here at Purdue to develop an online repository for teachers which will help them to design online courses. I believe that serving the Teacher Education Division through GSA will strengthen my interest in this field and I can contribute to the overall development of instructional technology.

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