Graduate Student Assembly
President Elect

Kiran Budhrani
UNC Charlotte

"My name is Kiran Budhrani. It would be a pleasure to serve as GSA President-Elect. I am an Instructional Designer and Doctoral Student in Educational Leadership at UNC Charlotte. I have over 12 years experience in higher education teaching, instructional design, graphic & media design, and training. Prior to moving to the US in 2014, I was an Assistant Professor, Instructional Design Consultant, and Textbook Author in the Philippines.

I have have actively served AECT as a Student Volunteer in 2016, D&D Representative in 2017, and GSA Communications Officer for 2018. I've facilitated conference sessions, assisted the GSA logo redesign, designed the GSA t-shirt and event flyers. As D&D Representative, I was a co-researcher to assess the professional needs of IDs in Higher Education. As communications officer, I try to empower collaboration, communication, project management, and networking, launching projects from conception to execution. I have presented research projects, participated in panel discussions, and facilitated a workshop at the conference since 2016.

If chosen to serve, I'd like to help push forward the vision of the GSA by building bridges that can provide graduate students the support, collaboration, and friendships to be successful in the organization and the field."

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